Strategy presentation by Talley D. Léger

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Strategy presentation by Talley D. Léger

Talley Léger was a vice president and analyst on the U.S. portfolio strategy team in the equity research department of Barclays Capital.

Mr. Léger joined Barclays Capital in September 2008 from Lehman Brothers where he held a similar position. Prior to that, Talley was a key member of several prominent strategy teams at ISI, Merrill Lynch, RBC Capital Markets and Brown Brothers Harriman.

His experience spans cross-market and equity strategy, including sectors, style (i.e., growth vs. value), size (i.e., small caps vs. large caps), and quantitative stock selection. He employs a practical indicator-based approach, using economics to draw conclusions on the financial markets and to help investors understand the macro drivers of financial market performance (e.g., the business cycle, inflation, monetary policy, liquidity, fundamentals, sentiment, exogenous factors, valuations, technicals), with a focus on U.S. equities. Given the interdependencies between markets, he believes it is difficult to have a complete view on stocks without assessing trends across asset classes. Where possible, he makes a direct link between the asset under study (e.g., fixed income, credit, commodities, FX) and the equity market. His recommendations are derived by a systematic scorecard approach, which provides a consistent framework for his top-down evaluation of sectors, as well as the style and size cycles.

Talley earned a M.Sc. in Financial Economics and a B.Mus. from Boston University in 2000 and 1998, respectively.

Talley will meet us on the August 25th event. Click here for more details.

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